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The Board of Directors governs ACUM activities.
Members of the Board are elected by the full share members, every four years at the annual General Assembly.

The Board consists of 11 full share members:
3 Composers
Mr. Oved Efrat – Chairman, Composer, Popular Music Sector
Mr. Jacob Lishchinsky – Composer, Popular Music Sector
Mr. Joseph Mar-Chaim – Composer, Concert Music Sector
3 Authors
Mrs. Margalit Matitiahu – Author Writer Sector
Mr. Yossi Gispan – Songwriter Popular Music Sector
Mr. Chaim Kaynan – Songwriter, Popular Music Sector
1 Music Publisher
Mr. Ronald Cole – Music Publisher
4 external Directors
Mrs. Ety Levy – External Director
Mrs. Meli Polishook-Bloch, Adv. – External Director
Mr. Reuven Ladianski – External Director
Mr. Kobi Vinokur – External Director