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International Affairs

Marylin Aviv

  • reciprocal representation agreement
  • administration procedures
  • tariffs
  • updated information
  • surveys
  • Receipt of  Foreign Distribution Data
  • International Distribution Queries

Faina Schwartz

  • Notifications or queries for live & public performance

Smadar Noga

Notifications or queries for TV & Radio performance

Ronit Mariuma

  • Notification &/or Queries for Mechanical Rights
  • Reprint rights, Clearance and Licensing for Commercials and film
  • Notification &/or Queries for New Media

Hany Moshe

Notification &/or Queries for all Documentation matters, including:

  • Cue-sheets (request &/or receipt)
  • International fiche (request &/or receipt)
  • Membership agreement
  • UP list (dispatch &/or receipt)

Rosy Shahar-Kroner

  • Queries for Financial matters, including:
  • Financial accounts statements
  • Royalties payment
  • exchange of Tax Authority Fiscal Forms

Dafna Ramchurn

  • Queries &/or notifications for Dispatch of Distribution Data to Foreign Societies

Ronit Goldfeiz