Music License for Karaoke: 2024

Monthly royalties for the public performance of works belonging to ACUM’s repertoire in Karaoke Rooms:

Hourly entrance fee (NIS)up to 10 placesover 10 and up to 30 placesover 30 and up to 50 placesover 50 up to 100 places
 Royalties (NIS)Royalties (NIS)Royalties (NIS)Royalties (NIS)
Up to 18 NIS – Level 1





Up to 36 NIS – Level 2





Up to 54 NIS – Level 3





Up to 72 NIS – Level 4





  • The amounts do not include VAT. VAT will be added to each payment at its legal rate in exchange for a tax invoice
  • This tariff does not include the use of works in karaoke activities on the Internet
  • A customer whose current year is the first year to open a business will enjoy a discount of 10% of the rate – for the first year only.
  • The discount will be granted on the condition that the royalties are paid to ACUM in the first year of operation of the business and subject to the production of official documents on the date of opening the business.

Example Summary of License Terms – Link –

The conditions listed below do not constitute a license but are a summary of the license the user will receive. The actual license may include additional terms.

General Terms

  1. The rates are published by ACUM Ltd., The Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Music in Israel (hereinafter: “ACUM”). The rates are set at the discretion of ACUM and at its sole risk.
  2. The tariffs displayed on the website do not constitute a license for the use of works from the ACUM repertoire. Before using works from the ACUM repertoire, the user must contact ACUM and arrange for a written license for the use of works from the ACUM repertoire in advance.
  3. The final license fee for each user will be determined based on the data and parameters pertaining to each user. Anyone applying for a license to use works from the ACUM repertoire undertakes to provide ACUM with all the necessary and truthful information and data, in order to enable ACUM to determine the applicable and correct tariff rate for each particular user.
  4. ACUM reserves the right to change tariffs periodically.
  5. In any case of discrepancy between the rates published on the website and the license of use signed with the licensee, what is stated in the license of use signed with the licensee shall prevail.
  6. The amounts specified in this tariff do not include VAT, for each payment, VAT will be added at its legal rate, in exchange for a lawful tax invoice.
  7. All of the above is subject to the conditions applicable to ACUM as determined by the Antitrust Authority in Israel.