Public performance of ACUM repertoire

The tariff for 2022

Number of seats
Annual sum in NIS +VAT
Up to 303,938
46 – 606,695
61 – 757,875
76 – 10010,001
101 – 12511,814
126 – 15013,388
Over 15088 for every additional seat

General clarifications:
1. A customer whose current year is the first year to operate will be granted a 10% discount rate on the tariff – for the first year only. The discount rate will be granted on the condition that royalties are paid to ACUM in the first year of operation and on the condition of submitting official documentation evidencing the opening date of the business.
2. Bar-Restaurants will be charged according to the tariff set for Pubs (tariff 003)
a. In bars/bar-restaurants/pubs, music is generally played at medium to high volume.
b. The music played in bars/bar-restaurants/pubs is a necessary and significant component of the business activity. Frequently, specific musical works or works belonging to a specific genre are specifically selected to suit the target audience of the locale.
c. The combination between the intensity of the music and the nature of the works being played is essential to produce a certain atmosphere and entertainment experience in the business. The music captures the character of the business and the type of clientele that it serves (examples of distinct types of pubs/bars/bar-restaurants are as follows: “pub” with a comfortable and cozy/relaxed atmosphere; “Irish” pub; “pub” for courting; “Pub” for the young and energetic; “pub” for a more mature customer segment etc.).
d. Pubs/bars/bar-restaurants, while serving alcoholic beverages, also often serve a variety of different foods, ranging from snacks to restaurant meals.
3. A chain is a legal entity that is comprised of multiple branches (outlets) belonging to the same brand and conducting the same business activity.
4. Seasonal business activities will be charged according to number of months of operation.
5. The above rates do not apply to:
a. Artist performances for which tickets are sold;
b. Business events (private events for employee committees, companies, etc.);
c. Family events (such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, etc.);
d. Performances by foreign artists

For the above exceptions, fees will be charged according to the tariffs pertaining to the specific type of use of ACUM’s repertoire.
The terms set forth below do not constitute a license but are a summary of the license terms. The actual license granted to users may include additional terms.
1. The stated tariffs are published by ACUM Ltd., the Association of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music in Israel (hereinafter: “ACUM”). Tariffs are established at ACUM’s discretion and exclusive responsibility.
2. The rates displayed on the website do not constitute a license to use the works of ACUM’s repertoire.
3. The actual license fee for each user will be determined based on the relevant data and parameters pertaining to each client. Anyone wishing to license the use of ACUM’s repertoire must transfer all information and data required to enable ACUM to determine the applicable and correct tariff rate for each specific user.
4. ACUM reserves the right to make changes in tariffs periodically.
5. In case of discrepancies between any terms of the published tariffs and terms on the license – agreed upon and signed by the licensee -, the content of the license shall take precedence.
6. The stated tariffs do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be added to any payment according to the legal rate. A tax invoice will be issued, as required by law.
7. All the above are subject to terms applicable to ACUM according to the determinations of the Antitrust Tribunal.