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Playing background music from ACUM repertoire over mechanical playing devices only: discs, cassettes, radio, television, etc. in businesses granting services to clients


Minimal annual sum in NIS+VAT (sum no less than – )

 Sum per m2 in NIS+VATAffective playing area* in m2
69250 – 0
1,177100 – 51
1,17710.32200 – 101
2,0587.34500 – 201
3,6805.141,000 – 501
5,1472.942,500 – 1,001
7,3032.555,000 – 2,501
12,7652.2110,000 – 5,001
22,1171.8725,000 – 10,001
47,0901.5950,000 – 25,001
79,8731.43100,000 – 50,001
143,3631.24200,000 – 100,001
251,2251.09Over 200,001

*Area from wall to wall, not including warehouses and toilets.


  1. Chain – a legal entity that includes branches of the same chain only (same brand and same type of operations).
  2. Playing a work from ACUM repertoire that has a direct or indirect link to a certain product and / or service (advertising) requires receipt of a separate license.

General Conditions:

  1. The above tariffs are published by ACUM Ltd- the Authors, Composers & Music Publishers Society in Israel (hereinafter “ACUM”). The rates are determined at ACUM’s discretion and exclusive responsibility.
  2. These tariffs do not constitute license to use works from ACUM repertoire. To obtain a license, the client has to apply to ACUM by written and prior the beginning of the usage of the work.
  3. The final license fees are calculated according to data and parameters relevant to each client. Any applicant for a license undertakes to provide ACUM with any information required for the calculation of feasible and appropriated license fees.
  4. ACUM reserves the right to change the tariffs from time to time.
  5. In case of contradiction between any terms of the published tariffs and  those on the license agreed and signed by the licensee, the content of this license shall take precedence.
  6. The sums detailed on the tariffs do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be added to any payment according to its legal rate, against a tax invoice as required by law.
  7. All the above is subject to the terms applicable to ACUM according to the determinations of the Antitrust Tribunal.