Shopping centers and malls

License for playing music from the Acum repertoire in malls and commercial centers – in the open public areas

There are two types of annual blanket licenses for malls and commercial centers

  1. Playing protected works from the Acum repertoire in the open public spaces as background music from mechanical playback devicessuch as: audio systems of various types, audio files, discs, mobile phones , personal computers, laptops, tablets, radio, television, internet/online platforms for playing music. See rate according to table No. 1 below.
  2. Playing protected works as part of live performances held in a mall/commercial center, and which are open to the general public without any entrance fees. See the rate according to table No. 2 below.
  3. If in a mall/commercial center background music is played by mechanical means, and in addition there are live shows for the general public without entrance fees, the license fee will be calculated according to the rate shown in table no. 1 for the background music and an additional 10% to the amount of the relevant license fee for the live shows.

Main conditions of the license

  1. Advance reporting – the license applicant must contact Acum before using protected works from Acum’s repertoire, and report to them the opening date of the mall/shopping center, the playback area in the mall/shopping center in square meters, as well as clarify whether there are any live performances open to the general public with no entrance fee.
  2. Settlement of annual license fees – the applicant for the license will pay the annual license fee to Acum in accordance with the report he gave to Acum regarding the playback area in square meters and the existence of live performances open to the general public with no entrance fees.
  3. The license does not apply to businesses operating in the mall, such as: shops, restaurants, cafes, gyms. If the businesses in the mall play protected works from the Akum repertoire, they are required to arrange a license from Acum to play music separately and in advance.
  4. Limitations of the license – the license does not include advertising usage of the works, including usage that creates a connection between the work/works and the product/service, use of moral rights, use of the right to create derivative works, performance rights, recording rights, and any other right that is not explicitly mentioned therein.
  5. First year discount – a customer who arranges a license in the first year of opening his business will enjoy a discount of 10% of the rate, for the first year only. The discount will be granted on the condition that the royalties are paid to Acum in the first year of operation of the business and subject to the provision of official documents testifying the opening date of the business.

Table number 1 – 2024 rate for playing background music through mechanical means of playback

* In the event that background music is played and in addition there are also live performances open to the general public without entrance fees – an additional 10% of the license fees set forth below will apply**

Playback area (m2)                                                                          The amount per year in NIS does not include VAT (the amount will not be less than NIS 1,096

   1-250                                                                                               1,096

500 – 201                                                                                 2,192

501 – 750                                                                                                             3,287

751 – 1000                                                                                                           4,383

1001 – 1500                                                                                                        5,564

1501 – 2000                                                                                                        6,744

2001 – 2500                                                                                                       7,925

2501 – 3000                                                                                                        9,105

3001 – 3500                                                                                                        10,286

3501 – 4000                                                                                                        11,467

4001 – 4500                                                                                                        12,647

4501 – 5000                                                                                                        13,828

5001 – 5500                                                                                                        14,755

5501 – 6000                                                                                                        15,684

6001 – 6500                                                                                                        16,612

6501 – 7000                                                                                                        17,540

7001 – 7500                                                                                                        18,468

7501 – 8000                                                                                                        19,396

8001 – 8500                                                                                                        20,325

8501 – 9000                                                                                                        21,253

9001 – 9500                                                                                                        22,181

9501 – 10000                                                                                                      23,109

For every additional 500 square meters or part thereof (over 10,000 square meters):   760

  • If the mall/commercial center also hosts live shows that are open to the general public without entrance fees, an additional 10% will be applied on the license fee

Table number 2 – 2024 rate for live shows held in a mall/shopping center, open to the general public without entrance fees (no background music)

The amount per year: NIS 2060 + VAT

Example of license conditions – music in businesses – the conditions detailed below do not constitute a license but rather a summary of the license conditions. The license to be granted to the user may include additional conditions.

General Conditions:

  1. The above tariffs are published by ACUM Ltd- the Authors, Composers & Music Publishers Society in Israel (hereinafter “ACUM”). The rates are determined at ACUM’s discretion and exclusive responsibility.
  2. These tariffs do not constitute license to use works from ACUM repertoire. To obtain a license, the client has to apply to ACUM by written and prior the beginning of the usage of the work.
  3. The final license fees are calculated according to data and parameters relevant to each client. Any applicant for a license undertakes to provide ACUM with any information required for the calculation of feasible and appropriated license fees.
  4. ACUM reserves the right to change the tariffs from time to time.
  5. In case of contradiction between any terms of the published tariffs and  those on the license agreed and signed by the licensee, the content of this license shall take precedence.
  6. The sums detailed on the tariffs do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be added to any payment according to its legal rate, against a tax invoice as required by law.
  7. All the above is subject to the terms applicable to ACUM according to the determinations of the Antitrust Tribunal.